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Saving the Sun

This is a good read and a very informative book, one of the best on Japan. It is relevant for three reasons: (1) as an account of Japanese bank-based capitalism, which contrasts institutionally with American market capitalism; (2) as a … Continue reading

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McDonald’s – Behind the Arches

There have been so many bad books and movies about McDonald’s – they are presented so often in a negative light that you might wonder how they ever became the phenomenally successful company they are today. This is the best … Continue reading

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Conspiracy of Fools

There are many (too many) books about Enron, but I think this is likely the best of them. It rings truer to me, by far, than much of what is out there. Enron was nine parts folly, and one part … Continue reading

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Predator’s Ball

I was once sitting in the audience at a financial conference in California, and half way through a rather dull powerpoint presentation, a man in the row in front of me turned his head slowly to the left, presenting a … Continue reading

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Barbarians at the Gate

A definitive classic in the genre of business journalism – even if the world has moved on, the story is gripping and still broadly relevant. And Henry Kravis still roams the earth…

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When Genius Failed

Of course this is now a bona fide classic, even if the framework of the financial markets as described is a bit out of date – because the markets have continued to evolve. Nevertheless, it is a good story, and … Continue reading

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The Wal-Mart Effect

This is the very best book I have read on Wal-Mart, and highly recommended for B&T students especially. It is sort of the demand-side counterpart to the supply-side story presented in The China Price.

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